De-Icing Products

When old man winter decides to roll into the Midwest, we are here to save the day! In stock, are all your de-icing needs.

We offer multi-bag discounts. As well as both pallet and semi load pricing.

Available Products
Rock Salt- Melts to 5° Most Economical. 25# & 50# Bags

Magnesium Chloride: Melts to -15° A safer alternative to salt yard. 50#

Potash: Melts to 10° and is the safest alternative to salt yard. 35#

UREA: Melts to 15° and is a non-chloride deicer made from nitrogen fertilizer. 50#

Ice Eliminator: Melts to -10° Combination of Magnesium Chloride, Potash and rock salt. 35#

Calcium Chloride: Melts to-40° Best deicer available. Harshest on concrete but safe for vegetation 50#